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Vision Statement

To be the number one Top-of-Mind company for best design, service, and quality kitchen cabinetry Australia-wide. We will provide our clients with customized, end-to-end solutions catering to each individual’s needs.

Through our consistent, excellent quality workmanship, high-level personal job satisfaction, client and industry accolades we will be able to reward our shareholders and employees above and beyond typical expectations.

And, upon installation, the resulting pride and smiles on our customer’s faces will remind each of us of our major contribution to lives of these families – through each creation’s aesthetic and functional design – to create an environment that they can enjoy for years to come.

Business Philosophy

To always appreciate the customer’s needs. To build a safe, skilled and rewarding work environment, that allows its skilled craftsman, to be continually challenged and to help create a greater sense of ongoing work achievements.

Our Showroom

Staff Awards

Dale Healy Trade Award
Trade Award Mitchell De Kretser
Certificate of participation Mitchell De Kretser
Pre-Apprentice Award Mitch De Krester
Certificate in furniture making Ned Allen
Jason Spencer Cabinet Making Award

Need help with your custom design? Learn how we can help with your next project

We work with you to design, manufacturer and install your custom kitchen or complete house lot from start to finish.

Introducing Our Team

7 Reasons to use H&H Cabinets


We create award winning kitchens


We have award winning Tradespeople


We are fully Insured-giving you peace of mind


We are a Registered Builder with membership to HIA, ACFA & KBDi.


As we are registered builders, we supply a 10-year warranty on workmanship


The Blum hinges and drawer hardware we use come with a lifetime warranty!


All of the materials we use meet strict Australian ECO-friendly standards - a health benefit to you.

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