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The 7 most common laundry design issues and what to do about it

Understanding your laundry behaviours and personality, will help in designing a highly functional custom work space.

The average Australian family can do 4 loads of washing a week, each washing taking on average one and a half hours. Don’t believe me? Here is a list:

  • Sort Dirty Clothes into Darks and Lights

  • Load the Wash

  • Hang to Dry or Load Dryer

  • Sort and Store Dry Laundry

We Will Create the Highly Functional Laundry Cabinets for Your Home!

Without realising it, the laundry can take up the best part of a day per week. Wouldn’t it be nice to streamline this process and reduce the time doing this chore? Or maybe create an environment where the chore becomes an enjoyable affair?

Here are 6 must know tips to drastically improve your laundry experience!

  • Storage

    • Your clean clothes should have hangers, rails and hooks overhead to air them Stack front loading appliances with a slide out bench between them to create a mini sorting station.
    • Continue wall cabinetry all the way to the ceiling to store less frequently used equipment Use a mix of open cabinetry for brooms, vacuum cleaners, brushes and detergents
  • Bench Space

    • Ensure you have enough bench space to put your basket down and sort your laundry Reduce the need to bend to the floor unnecessarily.
    • Have enough bench space close to your whitegoods and appliances to reduce the need to carry piles of clothing across your laundry For small space laundries, consider a slide out bench top.
    • Place the benchtop over a front-loading washer and dryer Use a coloured top for the benchtop to contrast an all white laundry.
    • Use a benchtop that can handle and resist moisture Choose from laminate, lacquered wood, engineered stone, marble, dark granite stone or granite laminate.
  • Laundry Baskets

    • Use large deep baskets to reduce the frequency of washes Bins should easily be stored out of the way in a busy laundry to avoid tripping over.
    • Bins also need to be easily accessible when loading the appliances Bins could be on wheels and stored under bench in integrated cabinetry.
  • Storage of Irons and Ironing Boards

    • Keep an ironing board in a custom-built cupboard and flip it out when needed. Have your iron in the same place with power sockets inside the cavity.
    • Alternatively the ironing board could slide out from under the bench space. Small laundries can use ironing boards that sit on the bench space and store away by hanging on a wall or behind the door.
  • Ventilation

    • If you’re lucky, you will have a door or window leading directly outsideVentilation is important to prevent mould and get rid of excess moisture.
    • Installing a glass door may let more natural light into the room Keep doors and windows open during a washing and drying cycles.
      * Install an extraction fan that leads to outside the building
  • Lighting

    • Natural light from windows, skylights and doors is best for assessing stains. Amber lights in the ceiling and task lighting in LED strips above benchtops to spotlight work areas.
      * Paint walls white and using white cabinetry will help increase light around the room

Contact the team at H&H Cabinets to help you create the perfect laundry cabinets

Your laundry cabinet is an integral part of your home: it’s where you have to spend hours washing clothes, towels, sheets and more with hampers for dirty clothes and a basket for clean.

From in-built laundry storage cabinets to free-standing, you can optimise your space with unique designs that suit your home.

Transform Your Laundry Space

At H&H Cabinets we can help! With modern designs and innovative solutions for laundry cabinets, we can transform your laundry storage into an efficient space and make doing the laundry a more pleasant chore.

No more placing cleaning items on the floor because you have run out of storage space or trying to find somewhere to put the washing bags; with efficient laundry cabinets, you can place items neatly within cabinets and avoid a messy looking laundry.

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