Our experienced team at H&H Cabinets can offer you great advice plus help to guide you on choosing the best design, materials, colours and finishes to give you a beautiful, well designed bathroom.
A well designed bathroom will make the morning rush hour less stressful and provide a peaceful sanctity after a hard days work. By avoiding these costly mistakes you can save 1000’s on your bathroom renovation.

Beautiful design and the perfect storage solution for your bathroom

to help you decide on the best materials, layout, colours and finishes to give you a well designed, perfect bathroom.

Storage is Essential

If you don’t have enough storage, the clutter will build on the vanity making the whole room look messy. It not only looks awful but makes the bathroom difficult to clean. Think about what you need to store here – hair dryer, styling tools and products, makeup and grooming supplies, dry towels & wet towels, medicine and sanitary paper.

  • Vanity drawers are more accessible than doors. Drawers offer accessible storage for toiletries and medicines.
  • Doors under the sink are useful for keeping your cleaning supplies out of sight.
  • Open shelves with wicker baskets add a decorative statement, and are a good spot for keeping towels.
  • Utilise off floor storage where possible.

Let's Create the Perfect and Well Designed Bathroom for Your Home!


    • If your bathroom is small, consider open cabinetry with exposed plumbing and wall mounted sinks to visually open up the room
    • Use a lighter pallete of colours to expand the room
    • Get your mirror reflecting the longest wall, this makes the room feel wider
    • A curbless shower makes a bathroom look bigger and feel cleaner
    • Keep it classic and stick with neutral colours and natural materials. Going for something trendy today may look dated in a couple of years.
    • Avoid making the toilet the first thing you see in the bathroom
    • Solid Wood is usually the best material choice for a bathroom vanity unit
    • Consider a floating shelf bathroom vanity unit

    • If you don’t have a window directly to the outside, then a ventilation fan is a required.
    • Poor ventilation results in high humidity, damp towels, swelling vanity cupboards and mould and mildew problems. The more people using the bathroom and taking long hot showers, the worse the problem
    • Be careful of contractors that vent the steam into the attic space, the vent needs to be directed outside the building.
    • Wire the light and the ventilation fan into one and halve the number of switches you have flick each day
    • Don’t use porous materials in the cabinetry and vanity. Specifically use materials that are impervious to moisture to reduce expanding, rot or discolouration over time. Be careful of soft wood, non-waterproof MDF, particle board and fabric. Porous stone such as travertine marble and hardwood must be sealed.

    • Soggy damp towels can be fixed with stylish electric towel rails.
    • If cold floor tiles really bother you, get heating installed before you tile the floor.

    • Bathrooms are busy spaces so a smaller master and separate ensuites are great ideas. If you don’t have the space then separate toilet room, sink and shower helps from a functional perspective.
    • Keep in mind if you bathroom connects with a shared space, such as living room or kitchen, that you don’t have a direct line of sight of the toilet.

    • Consider non-slip tiles and mats.
    • If you can’t go without those smooth ceramic and stone tiles? Get an invisible non-slip coating applied.

    • Shaving, waxing, applying makeup and hair styling require a good source of light
    • Try pot lighting in the ceiling for ambient light
    • Install task lights on either side of the mirror to evenly lighten up your face and remove shadows
    • Add accent lighting to show off your bathroom features
    • Natural light can be captured with a skylight while still maintaining privacy

Bathroom cabinets are an important feature for any bathroom. These cabinets can normally be found above a sink or a toilet and are typically made to hold hygiene products such as medicine and toiletries items.

The importance of these in our daily lives should not be underestimated. That’s because we use them numerous times each day, and they also can help organize our lives.

Some benefits of choosing the right bathroom cabinet are that they can make your bathroom look absolutely stunning and that it will make pampering yourself an enjoyable and stress-free experience.

Keeping your bathroom modern and vibrant is no easy feat, but luckily, whether you have a large or small bathroom, there are a few easy bathroom trends that will help keep your bathroom looking resplendent for the year.

By choosing a custom bathroom cabinet you can have a cabinet maker visit to your house and help you design and conceptualise a unique cabinet just for your bathroom that incorporates your unique tastes and styles.

The perfect cabinet for a bathroom must properly fit in the bathroom and also increase the surface area of your bathroom with strategically placed shelves and cabinets. This makes it possible to utilize the most amount of space possible for all your bathroom needs.

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