Kitchen Cabinets Before and After

There are many important pieces that work together in creating the perfect kitchen. Cabinets, door styles and colours, handles, door knobs, bench top finishes and appliances.

A kitchen needs to be both beautiful and functional.

At H&H Cabinets, we offer a full project management service, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Everything from materials, appliances, plumbing and electrical, we work with you to discover exactly what you want, the look and style, plus what work is required, we then begin our work and look after the project from start to finish.

Our 49 years of experience allows us the knowledge and experience

to help you decide on the best materials, appliances and layout for your perfect kitchen.

Some of Our Works

Kitchen Layout Mistakes You Don't Want to Make!

  • The areas of greatest activity such as the sink, stove and refrigerator require careful planning.

    There should be clear easy access to all 3 items. Regardless of your kitchens, size or shape these 3 areas should be close together, however be positioned so people are not tripping over one another.

  • One of the biggest complaints is the lack of bench space.

    Consider all the kitchen activities that require a benchtop as well as appliances that are left out permanently. You want to allow for as much open bench space as possible. If space allows a good solution for this is to add an island or breakfast bar.

  • Almost every kitchen has wasted space, however with adequate planning this can be minimised.

    Consider installing extra tall cabinets for extra space. Install cabinets over the refrigerator and install shelves across the backs of lower kitchen cabinets.

  • Kitchen islands are great for additional storage, preparation and serving space.

    But unless you have the space to allow for people to be able to move around it easily it may not be a good idea, and in fact waste space. Another important thing to think about is how you will incorporate power to your island.

  • Not using a professional to help with your ideas can be another expensive mistake.

    At H&H Cabinets we offer an in-home consultation. We will go over your ideas and give our suggestions based on our years of experience.

What to think about when looking to update your kitchen

  • Before you start planning a new kitchen, the first thing to decide is whether you want to just update your existing kitchen or whether you want to do a complete renovation.

    Work out what you like and what you don’t like, based on this we can advise what will work and if there is something better based on the size of your kitchen and the shape.

  • How much storage do you need? Based on your current kitchen do you have enough storage?

    Where do you want to position the cupboards for your utensils, dinnerware and pots & pans? Having a large pantry is great for most families however accessing items at the back can be quite difficult, resulting in wastage of food. One of the best solutions for this is to use large pull-out drawers, allowing easy access to items stored at the very back.

  • What appliances or kitchen elements should be positioned close together, such as the fridge and cooking station?

    Does the space required for your appliances need to be a special size? For example do you have a slim fridge or a large 2 door fridge?

  • Do you want to store your gadgets such as kettle and toaster in a cupboard to reduce bench top clutter?

    For items that are used regularly this is not the most effective solution, however you can create a cupboard on the bench so appliances can be slid in and out of the cupboard on the bench easily.

You then have to figure out, based on the layout, any constraints that may need to be looked at such as size, position of doors, layout of kitchen etc.

Corner cabinets can be very awkward and difficult to access. These days there are many accessories that pull-out for both under bench and corner cabinets. A pull-out makes it easier to access items stored in the back of the cupboard allowing you to utilise the full space.

Installing bi-fold doors on your cabinets allows you to the leave the cupboard open whilst you are cooking with without it getting in the way.

This is ideal for walk-in pantries, or internal laundries that are in your kitchen.

Our expert team can give you advice on every aspects of kitchen cabinets and design, helping you create the perfect kitchen for your space.