Cabinet Maker Melbourne: Need Efficient Laundry Cabinets ?

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H&H Cabinets Laundry cabinets

Cabinet Maker Melbourne: Need Efficient Laundry Cabinets ?

If you walk into your laundry and sigh at the mess of laundry hampers, detergent and washing powders on simple shelving with items spilling out onto the floor, then laundry storage cabinet could be your answer. This is where you need to contact Cabinet Maker Melbourne near you

Your laundry cabinet is an integral part of your home: it’s where you have to spend hours washing clothes, towels, sheets and more with hampers for dirty clothes and a basket for clean.

Many people’s laundries are bare, filled only with a washing machine, a dryer, a laundry sink and some minimal storage space for laundry items.

Yet, if the average Australian family does four loads of washing per week with each taking up to an hour and a half, to wash, hang or put in the dryer then sorting and putting away items, then really the laundry cabinet storage should be optimised. 

Laundry Cabinet Makers Melbourne

At H&H Cabinets we can help! With modern designs and innovative solutions for laundry cabinets, we can transform your laundry storage into an efficient space and make doing the laundry a more pleasant chore.

No more placing cleaning items on the floor because you have run out of storage space or trying to find somewhere to put the washing bags; with efficient laundry cabinets, you can place items neatly within cabinets and avoid a messy looking laundry.


Laundry storage cabinetCabinet Makers: Transforming Your Laundry Space

So you’re ready to do laundry renovation and turn your small laundry into an efficient space optimising the area with professionally-designed laundry storage cabinets, where do you start? 

With H&H Cabinets, that’s where. Innovative and creative in our approach, we achieve professional bespoke designs that are specifically tailored to suit your laundry requirements and desires. 

Whether you are seeking free-standing or in-built laundry storage cabinets, under-bench or overhead cabinets, we can help you achieve your goal. If you are renovating your entire laundry room, we can provide a design for all types of cabinetry so that your needs are fully catered for. 

We work around your washing machine and dryer to ensure that the space is truly convenient and functional for you, assessing each individual clients’ requirements and exceeding expectations.

Featuring exquisite, tailor-made designs that make your laundry a delightful space in your home, we offer a choice of colours and aesthetics that can complement your home décor with beauty and highlight all your important attributes. 

You can create a laundry of light with the colour schemes you choose and the space can feel bright and cheery. 

Harnessing modern, state-of-the-art technology and exceptional expertise, H&H Cabinets can truly impress and utilise premium-grade materials and fresh designs. Featuring different types of designs and handles, you can turn your vision into a reality or gain some inspiration from our ideas for your laundry storage cabinets.


Laundry Cabinets by H&H CabinetsCabinet Makers: Custom Designs For Your Laundry Storage Cabinets

From in-built laundry storage cabinets to free-standing, you can optimise your space with unique designs that suit your home.

You might require a single or double door cabinet to a line of cabinets where you can store laundry washing items as well as cleaning products, hampers, the laundry basket and of course, your pegs. 

If you are seeking flush cabinetry around your washing machine and dryer, H&H Cabinets custom-design under-bench cabinets and drawers as well as shelving to provide optimal storage space for your items. 

Making good use of the vertical space within your laundry is optimal, as there can be wasted space above your washing machine and dryer, and this is particularly valuable for people with a small sized laundry.

It’s functional and safe – for families with little ones, they cannot reach detergents and cleaning products. 

Storage cabinets are integral for the home

As you do with kitchen and bathroom cabinets, laundry storage cabinets are integral for the home to maximise a neat and efficient space. We don’t simply do the run-of-the-mill designs but invest passion and creativity into our designs with careful thought about what best suits your home and innovation that makes your laundry exquisite.

Make doing the laundry easier and more convenient with beautifully-crafted laundry storage cabinets. You can have bench space for folding clothes, towels and sheets before easily storing them in their places.

If space allows you can have a specific area for ironing and with optimal cabinetry, you can easily store the ironing board and iron out of the way when they are not being used. 

If you like to hang your blouses and shirts so they don’t get creased, you can have a professionally-designed laundry storage cabinet with hanging space to hang all the items you don’t want crushed.

They dry nicely within your laundry, away from the weather and elements such as the harsh sun’s rays which can fade shirts, and it makes it easy to simply hang up in the wardrobe once dry. 

Rather than piles of dirty laundry on the floor or spilling out of hampers, custom-designed cabinetry such as the ones with pull down or pull out cabinets can easily store darks and lights until it’s time to do the washing.  


Custom Laundry Cabinets Factors To Consider

When you are planning on optimising your laundry cabinets and revitalising it with effective and efficient laundry storage cabinets, there are a few factors to consider before you opt for a design.

Firstly, determine your objective: what is the functionality you are seeking and what do you hope to achieve by having H&H Cabinet Maker supply and install beautifully-crafted laundry storage cabinets? 

Are you seeking space for detergents and cleaning products or also for hampers and/or laundry washing baskets or buckets? If you’re seeking the latter, you really want to get creative with ideas on how to optimise your space depending on the size of your laundry. 

You might be seeking ironing space or bench space to fold items and taking note of the volume of items that you need to store is important when considering laundry cabinets. 

Naturally, budget is a factor to consider but for your optimal home environment, aiming for quality standard of materials and workmanship is best, as you want the right designs and tailored features which suit you and your lifestyle. 

Materials are an integral factor also when considering your laundry storage cabinet options: melamine particle board cabinets are certainly not going to give you that exquisite look that premium-grade materials can and granite or marble benchtop areas are beautiful in laundries. 

Avoid compromising on quality material and custom designs due to budget; aim for what will make you truly happy with your laundry space and what will complement your home.  

Contact us at H&H Cabinets to discuss your laundry storage cabinet ideas!


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