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The Best Kitchen Renovation Ideas in 2022

People have spent a lot more time at home during the lockdowns of the global COVID pandemic, allowing them to spend more time assessing their current setup, searching the web for new ideas, and dreaming of their ultimate kitchen renovation.

2022 is set to be a big year for kitchen renovation trends, blending the classic and contemporary with space-age technology and new age fabrication materials. So what new kitchen styles and kitchen renovation ideas will be sparking your imagination in 2022?

Read on to see some of the Best kitchen renovations ideas for 2022, and learn why the expert team here at H&H Cabinets are the best choice for small kitchen renovations in Melbourne.

Kitchen Renovations Ideas for 2022

While global commerce may have taken a hard knock, style, innovation, and technology have not slowed down one iota. As a result, 2022 will see significant shifts in kitchen renovations trends, with smart technologies, intelligent storage designs and a new wave of cabinetry fabrication materials.

Minimalist designs

As our lives get increasingly busier and our living spaces become smaller, minimalism has become a popular trend embraced by kitchen designers, especially in urban and suburban residences.

Minimalist kitchen renovation ideas are based around functionality and storage optimisation, rejecting unnecessary details, and leaving less space for clutter. Minimalist kitchen designers also tend to lean towards neutral colours and textures, allowing the kitchen to blend in rather than be the main feature of the living space.

Smart storage innovations

In keeping with the minimalist trends, we have seen some ingenious new wave kitchen storage systems, making accessing, organising and storing your cookware, food, and dinner wear more manageable than ever.

This could include such innovations as:

  • Vertical storage systems
  • Corner cabinet carousels
  • Touch to open systems
  • Retractable corner cabinet designs
  • Extendable and retractable overhead cabinet storage systems
  • Hideaway step ladders
  • Extendable and rotating benchtops and more

The kitchen renovations of 2022 will have a place for everything, including storage for hard to stack items to store like pot, pan and plastic storage lids.

Smart technology and IoT devices

While smartphones and smart TVs got all the limelight in the early days of smart technology and IoT (Internet of Things) devices, we now realise the full potential of integrating this futuristic tech into a range of other everyday technologies and utilities.

The kitchens of 2022 and beyond will have a complete internet of smart technologies integrated into one symbiotic system, including items and utilities such as:

  • Refrigerators
  • Ovens
  • Toasters
  • Dishwashers
  • Food processors
  • Coffee machines
  • Water filters
  • Lighting
  • Fire safety devices and more

These smart devices can interconnect to other smart devices around your home and in your pocket, such as smartphones, TVs, laptops and tablets.

This gives these items the ability to perform a diverse range of tasks, such as:

  • Keeping track of and updating your shopping list
  • Sending alerts from the oven and cooking hobs
  • Keeping track of your slow cooker
  • Voice controlling lighting
  • Command robot vacuums
  • Access recipes via your refrigerators
  • Keep track of nutrition and much more

IoT and smart devices can often be found in classic and contemporary styles, seamlessly blending the old and the new.

If you want to know more about integrating smart technology into your kitchen renovations? Contact our expert kitchen designers today about the many benefits of integrating smart technology into your new kitchen design.

Slimline benchtops

Slimline benchtops will be a popular choice with current linear designs, adding a weightless feel to your kitchen work surfaces and highlighting features like large flat panel cabinet doors and drawers and large panel tiles and splashbacks.

With current chipboard, MDF, laminates and stone composite technologies, thickness does not necessarily compromise strength. As a result, this new wave of slimline benchtops can perform just as well, matching the structural integrity of their thicker contemporaries.

Feature splashbacks

Splashbacks are often blended into the kitchen’s aesthetic with the other tile work. However, 2022 will see splashbacks transformed into major features and even art pieces.

Splashback trends you may expect to see throughout 2022 include:

  • Glass splashbacks
  • Custom art decor splashbacks
  • Large porcelain panel tiles
  • Solid stone
  • Tic-Tax tiling
  • Window splashbacks
  • Feature patterned tiles and more

New wave splashbacks are often designed with easy cleaning in mind, utilising current fabrication technologies and solutions to ensure your kitchen is a breeze to keep clean and hygienic.

Tri-level storage

With functionality being the order of the day when it comes to kitchen renovations in 2022, optimising all available space is essential.

Three-tier kitchen cabinetry utilises dead overhead space, providing a mezzanine of extra storage options above your overhead cabinets. This makes excellent storage spaces for things like bulk food and items that get minimal use, such as partywear and table linen.

Pet-friendly designs

Many who have deliberated on getting a pet in the past have adopted a furry family member during the COVID lockdowns of 2020/21.

It is common for dog and cat owners to place food, water, and personal effects in or around the kitchen area. This had led to people incorporating custom cabinetry and utilities for their four-footed furbabies.

This could include feeding bowls in sliding drawers under the cabinets, custom watering utilities, or integrated automatic, smart food dispensers.

Feature range hoods

The stainless steel rangehood eyesores of the past can stay there. What will replace them in 2022 are architectural masterpieces that act as a significant feature to your cooktop and splashback.

From marble fronts to polished matte laminate finishes, your range hood will be something that acts as a centrepiece of your culinary kingdom.

When you choose a team of expert kitchen designers, like the ones here at H&H Cabinets, you may be surprised how much you can achieve on your current budget and how much space you can save by making the most of the space that you have.

The most important part is to sit down and think about your day to day kitchen operations and decide what you need before you have your meeting with a kitchen designer.

From there, they can help you build around your needs and your vision. You may even find that the results exceed all expectations.

H&H Kitchen designers in Melbourne

The team here at H&H Cabinets strive to stay at the forefront of kitchen styles and technologies. Our kitchen designers can help you optimise your storage, improve your workflow, and help you make the most out of the space you have.

If you are looking for advice, quotations and kitchen renovation ideas for large or small kitchen renovations in Melbourne, call one of our expert consultants today.

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