Small Kitchen Renovations Design Ideas

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Small Kitchen Renovations Design Ideas

When it comes to small areas, good design is vital. If you are undergoing small kitchen renovations, you’ll want to immerse yourself in a range of kitchen styles to ensure that one of the most used rooms in the home is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Cooking and hanging out in a tiny room can still be a stylish and efficient affair when you have the right kitchen designers leading the way.

H&H Cabinets and Kitchens are those designers, and to prove it, they have collated some popular kitchen designs that work better for small spaces so you can use your area effectively.

The idea that you are restricted when working in a new space is becoming less relevant. The world of design moves forward with a range of creative space utilisation techniques.

Minimalist small kitchen renovations

When it comes to small kitchen renovations, it’s always a good idea to keep kitchen styles simple. Luckily, as a design trend, minimalism is still very popular. Using it in your kitchen establishes order while also creating the illusion of space.

Use light colours, clean lines, and aim for similar textures and tones while keeping accessories to a minimum. Minimalism is about less clutter, and less clutter means more room!

Concealed kitchen styles

Concealed kitchens are another popular trend which essentially means you will need stylish cabinets that almost make you forget they are for storage. You can couple this with sleek appliances and design tweaks that hide or camouflage parts of the kitchen.

You can even opt for concealed work areas that use sliding doors to close and hide aspects of the kitchen structure when not in use.

The freestanding modular kitchen design

It is always a good idea to have flexibility in the kitchen that is more than just a butcher’s block on wheels. Modern, multifunctional kitchens are flexible and perfect for a smaller space. Use monoblocks and worktops to personalise the working space with extractable tables to create extendable dining zones.

The narrow galley kitchen design

If you desire or only have the space for, a galley kitchen, opt for extra-tall storage and shelving with shallow bespoke cabinets underneath. This will provide you with an abundance of storage space that you never dreamed possible in your size constraints.

A helpful rule of thumb to consider in really small kitchens is the more white used, the larger space will feel. The galley kitchen design idea was initially created for the cooking area on a boat, so it transitions well into a smaller home setting.

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One wall kitchen design

The very open-planned layout of a one-wall kitchen design is very common in smaller apartments restricting you to having all of the appliances and cabinetry along one wall (aptly named.) The silver lining of this is the greater sense of openness.

To make sure you have room for food prep while also adding a bit of a sectioned-off feel to the layout, use the dining table for extra workspace or bring in a high-bench table or stylish wheeled butcher’s block.

choosing kitchen cabinetsSmall kitchen renovations tip to consider

Along with choosing your kitchen design, there are some tips and considerations for the workability of your existing layout, along with, of course, the cost.

A remodel can easily get out of hand, so first consider your budget and look into a home equity loan if need be. The following points are also crucial to consider:

  • Examine your existing layout

Stick to the kitchen’s current layout to save money by leaving major systems like plumbing, gas, and electricity in place. Integrate things like open cabinetry to give a new feel instead.

  • Contemplate an addition

Weigh up the cost of creating extra space. Also, consider if an expansion for quality cabinets may be money better spent. Always discuss your project with a certified kitchen planner to reconfigure the walls or the windows to make a kitchen space feel larger for a lower cost.

  • Choose appliances carefully

Range hoods often come with installation specifications that require a certain size vent duct. Dishwasher placement may require additional wiring and cooktops require different depths. All of these need careful consideration before a purchase is made.

  • Always consider your lighting

A great lighting plan can really give a huge aesthetic boost to a kitchen remodel. If you only have one or two ceiling lights or a small window, it may be time to upgrade. Where possible, aim to replace old windows and doors with something larger that will let in more light.

Use recessed lighting, LED under-cabinet lights, or the very popular pendant fixtures to create a dramatic effect. If you have glass-front cabinets, use mini-spotlights that are placed at the top to display your glassware.

You can also use dimmer switches to control the amount of light that is used. A key tip is to ensure you place switches in convenient locations. Also, make sure that all outlets are installed according to code.

Want some help with your renovation?

For peace of mind throughout the often stressful process along with a fantastic result, engage the experts. The professional team at H&H Cabinets design kitchens that will suit any size and we work closely with you to ensure your budget stays intact.

We can help you to figure out what will work best while considering the aesthetics of your home. Our team will make your small kitchen feel a lot bigger!

We work with realistic functionality in mind so you can avoid potential problems during the renovation process. We work hard to make sure you have a stress-free experience while achieving the kitchen of your dreams! Speak to the knowledgeable H&H Cabinets team today and let’s create the kitchen you’ve always wanted!

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