Custom Made Cabinets For Better Home Environment

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Custom Made Cabinets For Better Home Environment

Homeowners who are looking to maximise their space or create a distinctive look that works to the style and feel of their home should be considering custom cabinets.

You may have an awkward kitchen layout or plenty of space in a garage that could use a little organisation. If so, the possibilities that custom made cabinets provide make for an excellent solution.

Custom cabinets are built specifically for your needs, and they bring with them plenty of design freedom. You can ensure they suit your design style, be it a more traditional look or something a little more eclectic.

H&H Cabinet is the cabinet specialists in Melbourne, and the team understands the benefits that custom made cabinets create. Let’s delve into the world of custom cabinets and their many possibilities.

Custom cabinet design styles

The beauty of a custom cabinet for kitchen is their ability to work with any design style you have in mind. It can be a little tricky when you are spoilt for choice as the options are literally endless, but a little research and an understanding of what styles are on offer can ease the decision-making process quite a bit. The main design points to consider are:

  • Modern design

Often something that follows the minimalist trend which is based around clean straight lines and plenty of chrome or stainless steel.

  • Retro design

Retro is ironically now modern, but this basically includes a neutral color palette.

  • Contemporary design 

This style changes as it refers to whatever is popular at the moment, cutting edge materials, strong, bold colours, a mix of styles from different eras. The line between contemporary and modern design is thin.

  • Traditional Design

This is often a classic European look that features décor in deep wood tones, elegant and classic colours, and elaborate mouldings.

  • Eclectic Design 

Mix up all the above designs, but ensure it’s still cohesive, and you have yourself eclectic design.

Custom cabinet options

Choosing the actual cabinets and accessories that will work best in your space can be daunting, much like the many design options we just looked at. For the cabinet itself, consider the following door options:

  • Flat-Panel Doors 

A flat centre panel best suited for traditional or contemporary design.

  • Raised-Panel Doors 

A raised centre panel that has a contour around it, best suited to traditional design.

  • Slab Doors 

No panels or accents which work well with contemporary and modern design.

  • Accent Doors 

Style over function often with plenty of glass to showcase objects of value.

When it comes to the accessory options for your cabinet you’ll need to consider:

  • Hardware such as handles, knobs, and door pulls
  • Pull-out tables 
  • Swing-out shelving 
  • Rollout drawer trays or drawer dividers

The benefits of custom made cabinets

Custom cabinetry is perfect for any room in the home, from kitchens to bathrooms and even showrooms. You have endless options for the look of your cabinets as well as plenty of sub-options within the wood, style, finish, and hardware choices.

You even have the option of semi-custom cabinetry, which will be a little cheaper and offer predefined woods, styles, and finishes to help narrow down your choices if you are a little overwhelmed. 

The primary benefit, however, is the utilisation of space. As we know, space is expensive, and our living styles are becoming smaller and more minimalistic as we move into apartments and townhouses. You can monopolise the space you have with tall cabinetry to make the most out of any additional wall space.

From here, you can make infinite alterations to fit your aesthetic down to the finest details like turnings and custom appliance panels.

You are increasing the visual appeal of what is essentially an excellent storage opportunity so you can hide the coffee when it’s not in use. Building storage that is specific to a particular appliance saves countertop space and keep things neat!

Environmental benefits of custom made cabinets

The great thing about using wood as a material for building your cabinets is the fact that it is a non-toxic, renewable, recyclable, and biodegradable material. A custom cabinet means the wood you use has less of a negative impact on the environment. Especially if you are using reclaimed or salvaged wood. You can further this enviro-idea with water-based stains and paints.

A home investment

Kitchen and bathroom renovations are increasing as more homeowners choose to invest in their own properties rather than buying again.

The extra benefit of these renovations is that they can boost your home’s value and aesthetic appeal, all while making better use of your existing space.

It could be as simple as a custom-built entertainment unit, or wall hung desk, basically any move that creates a functional and adaptable space. 

Custom Cabinet Makers Melbourne

Make use of your space with a little help from the expertise of H&H Cabinets. We can design and build custom cabinetry that is not only functional but looks fantastic and suits your home. The slightly higher cost of a custom option will increase the value of your home while maximising the abilities of your area.

We work to your personality, style, and budget, so you have a functional solution that looks amazing from one of the top providers of quality kitchen design and installation in Australia.

The team at H&H Cabinets can offer a range of design trends combined with existing knowledge to find the right solution for you. This is particularly helpful if you are a little stuck for ideas!

We ensure that every client finds the best options for their space with styles that are more than just passing fads. Our primary goal is finding the right solution for you every time. Speak to us today about finding the kitchen cabinets a functional storage solution via custom cabinetry in your home today.

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