Cabinet Maker and Modern Kitchen Cabinet Renovations

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Cabinet Maker and Modern Kitchen Cabinet Renovations

Why Kitchen Cabinet Renovation?

You might think that cabinets are simply seen as spaces to store plates and cutlery, this is far from reality. Cabinet Makers has a lead role in all modern kitchen cabinet designs and renovations.

A dated kitchen can seem like a jigsaw puzzle full of mismatched pieces. You might be able to put a rug over stained floors and slick appliances on top of shabby countertops, but cabinets present a different challenge altogether. 

You might have jammed doors, missing hardware and grubby finishes, and the longer you leave them, the more you will start to detest your kitchen.

Not only are kitchen cabinets important for practical reasons, such as smart storage solutions, but they have to look stylish and reflect your taste.

Perhaps your current cabinets are damaged and beginning to fall apart or perhaps you want to change the layout of your kitchen. You might be envisaging white and other neutral tones but there is a myriad of options available when it comes to kitchen cabinet style and design.

To help you decide how you would like to renovate your kitchen cabinets, we have come up with a list of options of a modern kitchen cabinet.


modern kitchen cabinets

Open shelving modern cabinet

Open shelving has been in fashion in recent years. For a start, they are more budget-friendly than traditional cabinets and help your kitchen to feel more open.

Plus, you can place frequently used items on shelves within arm’s reach. Your guests can even help themselves with their glasses and plates.

On the flip side, cabinets offer plenty of storage with a clean look and feel. Cabinets are great for families that run busy lives and let’s face it, most people have hectic lives these days. You can quickly put things away out of sight in cabinets and off the benchtops.

While open shelving is the latest trend, shelves can look busy and cluttered if you pack them with too many items. Plus, you might have a lot of items like that old unused cookie jar sitting on the top shelf gathering dust. All shelves will need to be dusted regularly. And open shelves do not offer as much storage space as you might think.

So, while the jury might be out on whether open shelving is better, modern kitchen cabinets are a major prop for a great kitchen and one of the things people first notice.


What are modern kitchen cabinets made of?

The cardinal rule is to match your modern cabinets with your worktops. But, wait a moment, mixing and matching materials allows you to play with textures and enhance the kitchen’s character. For example, wood cabinets create a rustic vibe especially when paired with contrasting white countertops.

Marble, stainless steel, and lacquer materials can be ideal, and for a multi-purpose display and storage unit, modern kitchen cabinets with glass doors are a great option.


What do modern kitchen cabinets look like?

When it comes to choosing the size and shape of your cabinets a lot of your decision making will depend on your floor space. Floor to ceiling cabinets deliver a dramatic effect and allow you to be creative while recessed cabinets are great if you have plenty of space in your kitchen. Contrasting different sized cabinets and even design can be quite appealing and stylish.


How much storage?

You might think that modern kitchen cabinets are all about clean, seamless lines with everything concealed by glossy surfaces, but while this look delivers a sense of elegance, a combination of open and closed storage spaces can add a touch of class.

Smart storage comes in all shapes and sizes with inserts, custom-designed drawers, and other creative ideas. A kitchen island with cabinets delivers another ingenious storage solution.

modern kitchen cabinetsWhat about modern kitchen cabinet colours?

Let’s be honest, the most in vogue colours for kitchens now are whites, blacks and greys especially for those who prefer the minimalist, sleek look. But your kitchen’s charm will emanate from your ability to get creative with colour.

Don’t be scared to add a splash of brightness, either on lower cabinets, hardware or splashback. It can boost a kitchen without costing it its simplicity. Even think about adding two-tone modern kitchen cabinets and countertops.

And if you have a large kitchen you might consider exploring with a darker colour palette as the deeper hues won’t give you the sense of the room closing in. Smaller kitchens benefit more from lighter colours creating a greater sense of space.


What about finishes?

While the cabinets themselves are important, the details make all the difference. If you take a look at the best modern kitchen cabinet renovations, you will notice the focus is on high-quality finishes.

From brass hardware and metallic accents to unique light fixtures, the contemporary kitchen never goes out of fashion. Choose finishes that are stylish and welcoming, and that allows your kitchen sparkle.


Think about doors and panels

Getting down to the nitty-gritty, let’s take a look at door and panel choices. These will largely be based on the style of kitchen you are planning.

If you want the traditional country theme, neutral-toned and natural wood doors and panels will achieve this look. If you prefer the polished, minimalist look, high gloss finishes are ideal.


Choose parts and accessories for your cabinets

One of your key factors when choosing cabinets, particularly if your kitchen is small, is how to maximise efficiency and storage space. Think about placing your cutlery drawers close to the sink and dishwasher and include corner and overhead cupboards for great storage space.

Consider large drawers in favour of cupboards as they have ease of access and great visibility. Think about soft-close runners on drawers and push-to-open catches on cabinets to create a seamless appearance.


What not to do with your cabinets

So, we have discussed all ideas and options to help you decide what type of cabinets you would like in your kitchen, but now let’s take a look at what not to do.

  •         Fragile materials – While looks can be deceiving, just because a material might look pretty it does not mean it is going to benefit your life. Make sure you choose durable materials for the kitchen. Limestone might look stunning, but it is vulnerable to water rings. Marble is a high risk for stains and etching, and recycled glass countertops might look sleek, but they chip and crack. Quartz is a great choice for both the look and longevity.


  •         Workflow – The right amount of cabinets and durable materials in your kitchen is important but take note of your busiest areas like the sink, stove and refrigerator. Ensure these are well-positioned for the cooks and others in your household.


  •         The rest of your house – When you are remodelling your kitchen remember that it will most likely be out of action for a while, so set up a temporary area in the house. Be sure to protect other rooms from dust, debris and splatters during the renovation.


  •         Your budget – And yes, you must think about your budget. Unforeseen problems could arise during the kitchen renovation, meaning costs could escalate quickly.  If this happens, review your plans and see if there is something you could put off until you have saved enough. It is important to stick to your original budget or you might end up resenting your expensive kitchen when it is finished.

Kitchen Cabinet Maker in Melbourne

Now that we have considered many options, it is time to start thinking about preparing your kitchen cabinet renovation. Check out H&H Cabinets that have been fitting kitchens for more than 50 years. 

H&H Cabinets is an established (1968) family cabinet making business specialising in the design, manufacture and installation of quality kitchen & cabinets for our customers.

We provide custom made stylish cabinetry, designed to suit your interiors and lifestyle. Whether for a period home or office, a classic finish, or a sleek contemporary look.

We design, manufacture and install, built-in wardrobes, home offices, home entertainment units, shelves, display cabinets and a range of innovative storage solutions.

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