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Kitchen Renovation Tips from The Top Kitchen Designers

When you are looking at building or rebuilding your kitchen, there is never a shortage of kitchen renovation ideas online or even from your friends and family. A kitchen renovation is a huge task, with a significant commitment and financial investment, so it’s essential that you are sure of what you want and happy with the outcome.

Choosing the right finishes and appliances, while ensuring that the installation is possible is a big task. So to help, the experts at H&H Cabinets and expert Kitchen Maker in Melbourne have compiled some ideas from some of the finest interior designers in the world.

Take some cues from these industry professionals and their handy tips to decide what you like then speak to the expert team at H&H about making it a reality!

Kitchen Renovation: Starting slowly with Nancy Charbonneau  

When it comes to your first step, expert interior designer Nancy Charbonneau recommends that you pace yourself, and actually enjoy the process of a kitchen renovation.

She also recommends that you do not get caught up with online bargains, or make hasty purchases before understanding your overall design. You should see every element firsthand before making a significant decision. It is essential to know the quality, touch, feel, and understand your materials to find exactly what you want.

Kitchen Renovation: Investing in high-quality cabinetry 

Amanda M. Amato is a Top 20 Finalist for the 2020 Design Influencer Award of the Year, and she says that cabinetry is one of the most important elements in a kitchen. 

Not only will you use and see your cabinets every day, but they are difficult and expensive to replace down the line. Amanda says you should always purchase the best quality cabinets for your budget and consider not only style but function as well.

Consider whether you want shelves that glide or doors that open for an easy view. You also want to keep order lead times in mind when you are planning your renovation, to ensure you get precisely what you want.

Amanda also recommends that you opt for smart appliances as their game-changing features will be a welcome addition to your new kitchen.

For example, touch technology that allows you to open a door with your elbow or a smart range hood that offers a guided cooking app or streams music and video. Technology is able to make your time in the kitchen much more efficient, so take advantage of it during your remodel.

Flooring according to Karen B. Wolf 

Karen B. Wolf has a BFA in Fine Art and knows a thing or two about interiors. She warns people that flooring should never be an afterthought when planning a renovation. Wood is a popular choice for the modern kitchen, but tile should not be overlooked.

There is a lot of water that can hit the floor in a kitchen and tile will handle it well while pairing perfectly with the natural and driftwood trend in today’s kitchens. Always ensure that your floor blends or matches the cabinetry selection.

However, if resale is a concern, interior designer Sue MacKay, says if tile doesn’t take your fancy, hardwood flooring provides a seamless experience throughout your space while also offering the durability of ceramic tiles. 

Kitchen Renovation: Never forget about lighting 

An element of the kitchen renovation that is often forgotten about is the lighting. There are many ways to light a kitchen, and you will find that a little extra lighting is a worthwhile investment. Be it additional pot lights, or under counter lighting, you will be hard-pressed to find a modern kitchen design that doesn’t include pendant lighting over the island.

Specific task lights are not only great for functional visibility while preparing food, but they also make your space come alive. if possible, add a dimmer, and take full control of your kitchen aesthetic.

Final points to consider on your kitchen renovation 

Trends happen in cycles which means too many bold colours will take away from what could be a timeless design. A white kitchen with subway tiles will never go out of fashion, and it also acts as a great blank canvas that you can build on, or change easily should you tire of a particular look.

Aim to keep your finishes neutral and classic as this will offer a clean and modern look, no matter what the latest trend may be. From here you can add bright colours via your stools, window treatments, art, and more.  

The final point to consider is the necessity of a kitchen island. This is an element that never seems to go out of style. This will likely only be possible if you have space.  But you would be surprised at the kitchen island options available these days. Also on how they can work in more restricted layouts.

A professional kitchen renovation designer can help with this. If possible, outfit your island with power and plumbing to make it more usable. 

H&H Cabinets award-winning modern kitchen designs

H&H Cabinets can help you ensure that your kitchen renovation ideas is worth the hassle, with results you will absolutely love. We aim to offer every client the best design, with premium service guaranteed.

H&H Cabinet Maker and Kitchen Renovation offer customized, end-to-end solutions and take into account everything mentioned above, from traps to steer clear of, design trends to incorporate, and of course, your personal style integrated throughout. 

As an expert in kitchen renovations, we have years of experience. And our years of experience and knowledge leads to plenty of ideas and lasting trends in modern kitchen design. With our team steering your renovation in the right direction, you can create the perfect modern kitchen for your home. Contact us today about the best ways to create your dream kitchen and get ready to love the results!

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