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Best Kitchen Renovation We’re Eyeing in 2023

At home, one of the central areas where people spend their time is the kitchen, so for those focused on a kitchen renovation, you will no doubt be scouring the internet for articles on in-vogue home design ideas for 2023. Well, look no further. The planets have aligned, and you’ve come to the right place!

We know that trends come and go, and an undertaking like a kitchen renovation isn’t a yearly occurrence, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to see what is making its mark in kitchen design.

2023 is here, and with a new year comes optimism and change. For some, it’s about achieving personal goals; for others, it’s about making their home the best it can be. After all, many things in life centre around a positive home environment.

Are you considering a kitchen renovation or keeping up with the latest design trends? This article covers kitchen renovation trends that we’re eyeing in 2023.

Warm Tones in kitchen renovation trends

White has been a long favourite in the kitchen, bringing simplicity and a feeling of cleanliness into a kitchen. While this might continue to be the case, 2023 will see the introduction of warmer colours and sporadic bold colour contrasts that add new life to a kitchen.

The stark and sometimes sterile contrast of monochrome and minimalistic whites and greys will give light to a mixture of off-whites and warm greys that gives a softer visual feel. Interior designers also predict that more bold and decadent greens, reddish-browns and jewel-themed tones will be prominent in kitchens throughout 2023.

Things Of Stone And Wood

Wood will feature heavily in kitchen renovations in 2023, but it won’t be history repeating itself with the 70’s-style dark-stained kitchens you might recall from the yesteryear. Kitchen renovations will bring in an element of wood blended with the contrast of stone and marble surfaces that add depth and textures to kitchens not previously seen.

Table tops and surface areas are likely to pop kitchen renovations. Classic-style butcher’s block kitchen islands and kitchen benches will give depth and texture to kitchens creating bold wooden statement pieces that add character for years to come.

Creative cabinetry makes a bold introduction into kitchens this year, but it won’t be for everyone. If you’re prepared to take a few risks with your designer on bold cabinet colours and unique wooden surfaces, then a creative kitchen renovation that breaks the mould could be for you.

2023 might be the year we say goodbye to granite in the kitchen. After its long reign of success, other organic surfaces like marble and quartzite are muscling their way into kitchens. 2023 will also see porcelain make more of an appearance in kitchen renovations due to its subtlety and the strands of colour that runs through the material.

Splashbacks Reimagined – kitchen renovation trends

The traditional white subway tile splashback has left the station and is making way for other surfaces in 2023. Large-scale splashbacks are returning to kitchens, making a statement, yet offering practicality to an area that is likely to require regular cleaning.

While the tiled splashback looks great in a kitchen, homeowners and designers realise that they are only achieving form rather than function – especially as the splashback is used in an area that requires regular cleaning. Tiles are hard to clean due to the grout between the tiles, whereas the one-piece splashbacks can be easily wiped down and are a more practical solution when keeping a kitchen in pristine condition.

Granite, marble and quartz splashbacks are popping up in kitchens, where they have become focal points in the kitchen and adding new life to the long-favoured all-white kitchens of recent years.

One-piece splashbacks, in some cases going right up to the ceiling down to the bench area, really add to the dynamics of the kitchen and will make for the perfect conversation starter when guests come over for dinner parties or events.

Kitchen renovation trends – kitchen island

The kitchen is where families do a lot of living these days, so to follow this trend, kitchen renovations are also heading in a direction that accommodates this lifestyle change. So how do you make a kitchen more livable? The answer is; with a kitchen island.

Kitchen islands are most definitely here to stay in 2023 and beyond. And how the kitchen island functions will also adapt to accommodate how families use their kitchens.

Rather than a formal and stuffy dining room, the kitchen will be where we see a lot of entertaining this year. Kitchen islands will not only be a place for food preparation and storage of appliances, but they will double as an informal dining space with some kitchen renovations seeing more than one island in the space to accommodate the behaviour change.

While most of this year’s trends seek to brighten the home and bring new life into the kitchen,  the kitchen island is likely one of the most practical and long-lasting renovation trends that offer flexibility and comfort and is a visually appealing addition to any kitchen.

Renovating A Kitchen In 2023?

If you are due for a kitchen renovation in 2023, this is by no means an exhaustive list. We could go on forever with trending kitchen renovation tips for the year ahead. Ultimately choosing what is right in your kitchen is a personal choice, but it’s always good to get an idea of what the industry is saying to get those creative juices flowing.

When considering renovating your kitchen apartment, you want to be sure your investment lasts long into the future, so make sure you research what you like and your short and long-term goals for your house.

If you aren’t sure what will work for your kitchen renovation in 2023, it’s best to speak to someone in the know. At H&H Cabinets, we are a family-owned and operated business established in 1968. We are experts in kitchen renovations in Melbourne, and we take great pride in designing and installing kitchens of all kinds for our customers.

Speak to us today about reimagining your kitchen in 2023!

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