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Effective Ways to Save Money on Kitchen Renovation

Cabinet and Kitchen Maker – From the second most people hear the words “kitchen renovation”; most will start to see dollar signs and figures with lots of zeros spinning behind their anxious eyes.

A kitchen is a hard-working home utility and needs to be built to last, and things that are made to last usually cost good money; depending on what you want to do, it could mean lots of it!

Still, you can achieve big things on a kitchen budget, more than you may think. There are many ways you can save on your kitchen renovations, from clever facelifts to significant remodels on a relatively small budget.

To trick here means getting a little creative with your solutions, like possibly re-utilising existing fixtures and cabinetry, for instance.

Read on for some creative ideas and professional tips on how you can save big on home kitchen renovation and how kitchen professionals like the team here at H&H cabinets and kitchen renovation, Melbourne, are more than happy to help you reuse and save.

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Great ways to save on kitchen renovation

Did you ever wonder how all these TV renovation shows get great results on kitchen renovation on tight budgets? Or how the Joneses next door got such a dramatic kitchen makeover on such a small budget?

Well, the odds are, they had a little renovation insight, some professional experience, or, in many cases, just thought a little outside the box.

There are many ways you can get a much-needed kitchen upgrade on a tight budget, and below, we will show you some ideas that may have already crossed your mind and some that may just surprise you.

Big rewards for reuse

Many homeowners and hobby renovators get tricked into thinking that your gas and electric utilities and fixtures are your most significant expense, when in fact, it is your cabinetry that costs the most.

And unless the chipboard, MDF or timber behind your cabinet doors

has been exposed to excessive moisture or severe degradation, then the odds are that they still have some good life left in it!

Reusing your existing cabinet framework is especially cost-effective if you are happy with your kitchen layout and just want a fresh face and new utilities.

Even if you are looking to remodel your kitchen completely, you may find your old cabinetry framework can be deconstructed and reused in your new design. This can save a significant amount of materials that will generally remain unseen once the benchtops, doors and utilities are replaced or reinstalled.

Cabinet doors and drawers

When you step back to really look, much of what makes up your kitchen’s aesthetic, except for the benchtops, is the cabinet doors. And unless you require a lot more cabinet space, the insides of your cabinets will always be relatively the same.

Laminate doors and drawers

Laminate doors come in a vast array of colours and finishes. The fact that kitchen fashion changes with the seasons, you can often hunt down timeless finishes to bring your kitchen back in line with contemporary trends.

Timber doors and drawers

Timber doors can be a DIY kitchen renovator’s dream. The beauty of timber is, as long as it isn’t cracked, it can be sanded and refinished, repainted, and in some cases, reshaped or remodelled.

Bespoke doors and drawers

A quick tour around social media or Google images with the keyword ‘bespoke cabinet doors’  will unlock a wonderful world of creative ideas and one-off wonders.

Some of the most breathtaking modern kitchens are not achieved by just thinking outside the box but throwing the box out altogether.

From random bits of joined timber offcuts and scrap metal to stylish corrugated steel and old industrial waste, getting a little creative can not only save you a heap of dough but can also provide you with a one of a kind kitchen that will be the envy of your friends and family.

Also, there is no reason why you cannot transform old cabinet spaces into large pan draws, glass and cup draws, or modified as an open microwave space or a pantry expansion; the only one making the rules here is you.


Next to your cabinet doors, your benchtops are the most significant feature that will make a difference to your kitchens’ overall look and feel.

Much like your cabinet doors, benchtops can be made of laminate or timber, allowing you to replace the old work surfaces or renovate your existing benchtops with lacquer, resin or paint.

The money you save on reusing your cabinetry framework may mean you have more money to spend on the stone or concrete benchtops you always dreamed of.

Nothing is stopping you from getting creative with bespoke benchtops, either. There are all sorts of unique ideas online, from cutting down old timber doors to pouring resin into old timber with colours streaking through the transparent resin; the sky really is the limit.

Other money-saving ideas in kitchen renovation

The following highest cost is more than often going to be your utilities, like ovens, cooktops, dishwashers, refrigerators, plumbing fixtures etc. There are some other kitchen ideas, however, that are worth keeping in mind.


Don’t forget that you can be creative with your splashbacks. There are some great ideas online, and as long as your splashbacks are water-resistant, non-flammable and easy to clean, then this is another area being unique that may save you money.

Kitchen islands

Whether custom-built or made from bespoke items like old kitchen carts or trolleys, a kitchen island can provide more working surface, added storage space and significant aesthetic contribution.

Mix it up

Don’t forget that storage is storage! So why not keep an eye out on the online marketplace; one person’s trash is another’s treasure.

Some out of the box ideas could include things like:

  • Hanging old ladder as light fixtures
  • Utilising metal cabinets and old school lockers as cabinetry
  • Using old bath rails as pot hangers
  • Looking for old cafe and restaurant utilities and fixtures in the local trading news
  • Source antique and second-hand stores for bargains
  • Check out waste disposal facilities and hard rubbish for good finds

There has never been a better time to find ideas online and create a kitchen that is uniquely yours without blowing out your budget. Unlock your creative flow, and let your ideas flourish.

Ask the experts in kitchen renovation

If you are looking for friendly advice or a no-obligation free quote on your dream kitchen renovation, Melbourne and surrounding regions, then contact the experts here at H&H Cabinets today.

Our family-owned business has been making quality cabinetry since 1968, and we can assist you in a range of home renovations, including the design, manufacturing and installation of:

  • Home offices
  • Built-in robes
  • Home entertainment units
  • Shelving, display cabinets and more

For more information, contact our expert consultants by phone or email, or send your enquiries via our online contact form, and we will contact you at a prefered time.

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