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How Is A Kitchen Renovation Helpful for Your Home?

Every year there is plenty of small kitchen renovation in Melbourne for many different reasons. Renovating your kitchen not only breathes new life into your home but is also a great way to boost the value of your investment.

As one of the finest kitchen designers Melbourne can offer, H&H Cabinets are at the forefront of seeing the trends and processes people go through to create a new kitchen. If your kitchen is older and a bit dated, a remodel can be a cost-efficient way to completely overhaul the look and feel of your house.

Our kitchen designers in Melbourne have detailed some of the ways a kitchen renovation can help your home. Some homeowners don’t even realise the benefits of renovation when they are only focused on fixing one particular problem! Read on for some helpful info and contact the expert team at H&H Cabinets to see which kitchen styles will be right for you.

Improving the functionality of your kitchen

For some reason, the layouts of older kitchens are somewhat claustrophobic. Modern kitchen designers tend to use a kitchen renovation as an opportunity to create a layout that is more conducive to greater functionality. Your kitchen is a workspace, after all.

If possible, you could consider taking down non-load bearing walls creating a more open floor plan or create a layout that relocates your appliances for more space and ease of access. The U or L shaped kitchen layout is the most practical, preferably with a single wall of cabinets and centre island. The goal with any small kitchen renovations in Melbourne should be to add space to ease use and organisation.

Reducing your energy use

We should all be attempting to get a little greener for the sake of the plant. If your appliances are a little older, a kitchen renovation can be a great time to upgrade to some Energy-Star rated appliances.

These modern appliances provide great levels of performance while also using less water and energy. This not only lowers your carbon footprint but also saves you costs on your utilities in the long run. Energy-efficient appliances make your kitchen more eco-friendly, and you can take this even further by using sustainable building materials. Think bamboo, salvaged wood or a range of other recyclable materials for your countertops and cabinets.

Modernising your look

Possibly one of the biggest driving factors for those considering a kitchen renovation is a new, more modern look. There are plenty of kitchen styles out there, so this can be the tricky part. A good kitchen designer works to your budget and finds a look that suits the style you aim for without breaking the bank.

There are plenty of places to draw inspiration from when deciding on your new kitchen style. Many people are opting for the minimalist look, which in the kitchen brings plenty of advantages, mainly when considering space to work. A team like H&H Cabinets will be able to discuss your style desires and find the best ways to make them a reality in your space.

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An efficient way to fix issues

Over time, kitchens and their implements require repair, and this can be quite expensive. Sometimes a clean slate is the best course of action!

If you are staring down the barrel of multiple required fixes, it is worth getting a quote to see how much more a complete renovation will cost. You may be surprised, and save yourself money on imminent future repairs outside of the issues you already have.

Sometimes, spending a little extra now can save you a lot more later, plus you’ll have a brand new kitchen. Work efficiently by addressing everything at once to not only keep costs low but minimise the amount of time that your kitchen is out-of-action.

​Improving both comfort and safety

Simple things can significantly enhance the comfort of your kitchen. Take, for example, the addition of a kitchen island. Perfect for prep as well as entertaining, the right island can enhance the look of your kitchen while providing extra storage.

Your kitchen is often more than just the place where you cook. It can be the heartbeat of your home, the place where you gather with your family for meals or entertain your guests. For these reasons, your kitchen renovation goals should have comfort as a top priority.

Just as important as comfort, safety is another critical consideration when you remodel your kitchen. This is a great opportunity to ensure your kitchen’s electrical components are up to code and can handle your new appliance additions. You can also include other safety improvements like slip-resistant flooring such as cork or wood.

Finest kitchen designers in Melbourne

H&H Cabinets are the experts when it comes to creating the kitchen of your dreams. We have a stunning portfolio of work that encompasses kitchens of all sizes and styles. Our goal is to not only create the kitchen you love but to ensure it is functional and within your budget.

Our expert team of designers and installers will assess your current layout, work with you to determine your goals, and formulate the best process to make them happen.

Book a consultation today and start the process towards your perfect kitchen. With kitchen designers like H&H Cabinets on your side, you are working with professionals in the field with all of the answers when it comes to trends, costs, ROIs and more.

Take the stress out of your kitchen renovation and gain access to the finest materials, fixtures and furnishings thanks to our industry relationships. We’ll handle the entire process for you, just sit back and prepare for a new kitchen you’ll adore.

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