Trends To Look Out For In Kitchen Cabinet Designs In 2020

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Trends To Look Out For In Kitchen Cabinet Designs In 2020

Kitchen Cabinet Maker Design Trends 2020

Remember decades ago when the kitchen was hidden at the back of the house? The kitchen was the place where just meals were prepared, and the dishes washed. Fast forward to 2020 and the kitchen has taken on a very different role.

Today, it is the heart of the home, the room that brings everyone together at the end of the day. So, it is no wonder that we want to show it off in all its beauty and warmth. 

Kitchens have changed a lot over the years. Advances in technology and changes to social dynamics have had great impact on the rising popularity of the modern kitchen. There is more focus on the open concept home that revolves around the kitchen so family and friends can flock together.

And now that the 2010s have reached their end, kitchen designers are closing the books on the all-white kitchen and turning the page to clean and simple styles with natural light becoming an important aspect of the overall design.

So, what can we expect from the 2020’s kitchen cabinet maker designs? From the smart kitchen to handleless cupboards, read on to find out what’s in store.


Smart kitchen Designs

Technology has entered the modern kitchen in full swing, and not just in the form of trendy appliances and gadgets. Today, kitchens are being built smart from the ground up. For example, motion sense faucets will sense the presence of hands underneath so there is no need for a tap handle.

And for those kitchens overflowing with appliances there is the pop-up power point which will solve all your kitchen power dilemmas. There is nothing uglier than a wall knee-deep in double-adaptors.

These towers include several USB ports as well as electric sockets, so you can make coffee, charge your phones and whip up a smoothie all at once. And when it is not in use, you can push the tower down, so it sits flush with your benchtop.

One of the biggest trends going into the 2020s is the technology integrated kitchen as homeowners experiment with advancing technologies.


Dark and moody colours kitchen designs

Yes, white cabinets can be used in almost any type of kitchen cabinet maker design, but we are slowly starting to bid them farewell. We expect white kitchens to decline in popularity throughout the 2020s.

We look forward to islands in a variety of different colours and wood stains to break up the all-white kitchen. The combination of colours creates an accent piece and pop of colour for the adventurous homeowner. 

Shades of blue and green will be the most popular. Another colour palette making its way into the kitchen is dark jewel tones: navy, black, emerald green and even plum. You will be surprised at how well dark kitchen cabinets enhance the kitchen space with their elegant and dramatic feel.

You do, however, have to be careful that you do not overpower the room with dark tones making it feel permanently dark. Perhaps add a splashback or counter that is light enough to reflect natural light. Homeowners are becoming braver and choosing dark cabinet colours, so you can expect to see lots of dark shades in trendy homes of 2020.


Streamlined kitchen designs, textures and materials 

The farmhouse and mid-century modern kitchens are still popular, but homeowners are wanting more streamlined designs in the overall aesthetic. They want to come home to stress-free environments to drown out the day to day stresses. And this means simplicity. So, modern clean lines will continue to be the big success of 2020.

Removing upper wall cabinets to open up the visual space, and making the kitchen appear larger and brighter has become a growing trend too. This way, you can use the countertop space more productively and have your utensils within reach.

Streamlined kitchens do not have to be boring either. This is where materials with texture come in. If you have open shelving, consider rough cut wood to bring in natural elements or metal tubing for an industrial look. Wood was out of fashion for a while, but it is now enjoying some sort of revival. Use subtle-grained ash, which is paler than oak and walnut, to bring out the warm tones in stone. We will look at stone next.

If you do opt for walnut cabinetry, which is making a comeback, you will find that its rich, dark colour and fine grain will give you instant natural warmth and luxury.


Stone benchtops kitchen design

It is the time for stone benchtops. If there is one thing charging up the style charts this decade it is the return of marble. And the busier the vein the better for top tier style. But quartz still reigns. Its extremely hard-wearing material is simple to maintain and is antimicrobial. Its competitor, granite, is in the high-end bracket but requires slightly more maintenance. 

And while you might think that quartz countertops lack variety in terms of colours and finishes, you will be surprised to learn that with time, thanks to technology, manufacturers now provide a wide range of colours and patterns to choose from. Elaborate swirls and large veins have become very popular.

There is still that notable trend towards the more neutral and softer colours. Homeowners are opting for grey, taupe, creamy and white finishes.


Kitchen Cabinet: Effective storage solutions

This list of current kitchen trends would not be complete without looking into effective storage in kitchen cabinet maker designs. One of the biggest inconveniences with kitchen cabinetry is its space consumption. And to top it off, available space is often too small to store your larger items.

You need a kitchen that is functional with effective storage solutions. Otherwise, you will face endless challenges and frustrations. To reverse these storage challenges, homeowners are always on the lookout for better storage solutions within the cabinets.

These could include drawer dividers for utensils and cutlery, pull-out drawers for spices, roll-out trays, tray dividers and caddies for pots and pans. Your rubbish and recyclables could be hidden in a wastebasket cabinet.

The 2020s will continue to see a huge range of clever kitchen storage options so that all you have to do is live an effortless life and have fun cooking.


Kitchen Design: Multipurpose kitchen island

While we are on the subject of effective storage solutions, let’s take a look at the kitchen island. No longer an afterthought or something small to squeeze into your kitchen, the island has become the focal point of the space. We are seeing larger kitchen islands becoming the jack-of-all-trades.

They incorporate storage solution cabinets, are fitted with many under-counter appliances and also provide seating for that casual meal and drink. There is a tendency for the larger island to extend into living rooms with open plan designs, ensuring it does not clutter up space in the kitchen.


Handleless  cupboards kitchen design

 The contemporary designs of today are all about multi-purpose and free flow. So, what better a way for cupboards to fit with this mould than for them to dispense of their handles. Push-open and close doors and even recessed handles provide a sleek look. After all, 2020 is all about simplicity.


Kitchen Design: the pantry cupboard

If you want your kitchen to run the show on effective storage solutions the pantry cupboard is a must-have item. All your foods will be in one place and not scattered around in your wall cupboards.

It also means that your kitchen will not have to be full of wall cupboards, freeing up entire walls for artwork. Perfect for open plan living areas, this will give your kitchen a relaxed and calming feel.


Wrapping it up- Kitchen Cabinet Maker

There we have it – the upcoming kitchen cabinet maker trends of 2020 which combine the best in aesthetics and functionality. Looking for kitchen cabinet makers near you? Contact H&H Cabinets, kitchen cabinet makers in Melbourne and give your kitchen the makeover it deserves.


Here is a timelapse video of a Kitchen Build

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