Kitchen Cabinet Maker Design: Top Trends in 2019

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Kitchen Cabinet Design by H&H Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinet Maker Design: Top Trends in 2019

When staring down the barrel of a redesign in your home, it makes sense to look to the current trends for ideas and inspiration, especially when considering your kitchen cabinet design! The problems with trends, by their very definition, is the rate at which they develop or change.

Luckily, H&H Cabinets are an award-winning cabinet maker are here to keep you in the loop on all things trend-related for kitchen cabinetry, and the following are some of our favourites for 2019 which we feel will have a little more longevity so you can be sure the investment in your new kitchen is worthwhile.

If you are remodelling your kitchen or just giving it a little refresh, these are the 2019 designs that may help give you a little inspiration.

1. Open Shelving kitchen cabinet design

kitchen cabinet design - H&H Cabinets

A very popular trend in kitchen cabinet design at the moment is the replacement of upper cabinets with open shelving, which is inspired by hotel and retail fit-outs. It creates an overall bold statement that works against the hugely popular trend of minimalism.

Open shelving allows you to make feature pieces of various kitchen implements, just be careful not to make the shelves overly cluttered which can lead to a messy look, keep things relatively sparse and enjoy a display area that also offers functional storage!

2. Matte black with a tall backsplash

kitchen cabinet design - H&H Cabinets

You can make the most of your backsplash by going for a tall height combined with a motif to make the area into a mini-feature wall.

Creating a mix of classic and modern is another fun idea which is exemplified in the picture above, a vintage floral picture set against the stylish modern look of dark wood.

Modern amenities and integrated looks work well when the space still feels like a home as opposed to the control deck of a spaceship! The goal for every kitchen space should be a warm and welcoming aesthetic.

The use of matte black as your finish keeps things feeling crisp and allows you to accent colour with various appliances or other features. Black finishes give an elegant and stylish feel without darkening the kitchen cabinet design too much, just be sure to include some lively jewel-toned colours to create a sense of intimacy and spots that break up the dark.

3. Vintage vibes and a lot of wood

kitchen cabinet design - H&H Cabinets

Where possible, it’s good to combine traditional elements with modern designs. It helps to keep things interesting while you toggle trends for longevity. People also love and feel comfortable when there is some sort of connection to nature.

The use of wood in your kitchen creates a welcoming and calming aesthetic while also providing a timeless and versatile design base to work from.

If you have a very light kitchen, incorporating wood into the space will create a harmonious and positive energy, and many people are starting to head down a more organic path with their design.

4. Concealed storage and the minimalist movement

kitchen cabinet design - H&H Cabinets

Like it or not, the minimalist aesthetic is still very popular and has been for quite some time. The use of concealed and clean storage in kitchen cabinet design looks great but is also functional as it maximises the storage space in your area.

Where possible, a combination of contrasting textures and sleek finishes can keep things interesting, and you cannot go wrong by adding in some hanging light pendants as a statement piece. Especially in an open-plan space, directing light to the dining or preparation areas is both practical and luxurious.

5. Multiple colour finishes kitchen cabinet design

kitchen cabinet design - H&H Cabinets

When it comes to the list of cabinet finishes available, there is no shortage of options. You can use the many unique choices to your advantage. By mixing different finish to create a new look that is undeniably you.

Opt for upper cabinets finished in white with a bright colour in the base cabinetry or any other method which creates an exciting design via the combination of different elements.

Making your kitchen island a different finish to the other cabinets is another great way to establish this contrast. Treat the island as a piece of furniture and don’t be afraid of making it quite bold.

The mixing of stark colours works well, especially when there is a wood element in the space. Bring out your personal style and steer-clear of cookie-cutter designs if you really want to make an impact and feel free to have a little fun with the fridge as we have in the above example!

Too many trends? We can help

One thing there is no shortage of today is options. As a result, things can get a little overwhelming when it comes to choosing which kitchen cabinet design or trend will best suit you and your home. It’s an important decision as you will likely be living with it for quite some time!

H&H Cabinets are an award-winning cabinet maker here to help ensure that you not only make the right decisions, but you also love them. We take into consideration your budget and work with you to create a space that combines your personal style and taste with modern on-trend designs that are functional and timeless.

No matter the size of your area, we can create a kitchen that is comfortable and practical, while impressing those who come for a visit.

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