Cabinet Maker: Which Kitchen Cabinet Are in Style Now?

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Cabinet Maker: Which Kitchen Cabinet Are in Style Now?

Cabinet and Kitchen Maker: As you decide the look of your new kitchen, you are no doubt aware of how important the role your kitchen cabinet will play. This is not only important in your visual aesthetic but also in the functionality of the kitchen.

To help, the expert kitchen designers in Melbourne at H&H Cabinets have collated some of the latest trends and styles to help you decide which may be best suited to you. Read on to learn what has been popular with small kitchen renovations in Melbourne recently!

Kitchen cabinets

Making your kitchen entertainment areas more interactive

The kitchen can often be a social hub in your home, so spatial planning is crucial. Where possible, you want to make the space as large and interactive as it can be. Kitchens are not only about function. Modern design is taking the fact that this area is a place to gather and socialise into account more and more.

How do you do this? Here are five popular ways to make your kitchen more interactive:

  • A cooktop installed in your island allowing you to cook while people gather around – almost like an indoor BBQ
  • A deeper island which allows for ample legroom and prep space
  • Dishwashers inside of butler’s pantries taking the cleaning tasks out of the kitchen
  • Place a desk zone in your kitchen for people to work in
  • Install a servery window to link your kitchen and alfresco zone

Creating a warm and organic aesthetic kitchen cabinet

Kitchen design lends itself to have a cold feeling as the materials used are often slabs of stone, ceramic tiles, etc. Create a warmer, more organic tone with nature-inspired finishes and curved islands and walls. By using wood grains and composite stone in your kitchen cabinets, you can create a more welcoming environment.

Detailed kitchen cabinet designs

Following on from the organic feel, cabinet fronts are becoming more tactile and interesting with styles like shaker profiles which are intricate in detail or reeded timber or reeded glass fronts. For cabinet finishes, a matte is always a popular option. Do away with the gloss look and change things up with a satin detail in a shaker profile to achieve a modern, stylish look.



Kitchen cabinet colouring

Giving more detail to the kitchen is a growing trend which means your food prep space can be a little less sensible. Feel free to take some more risks with things like contrasting cabinetry colours. Aim to keep this style tip somewhat subdued with upper and lower cabinets in different colours or even a different profile.

For example, we recommend darker cabinets for the lower options and lighter ones on top or even satin white cabinets below your counter with warm timber above. This is all dependent on your layout and the other aesthetic features of your home of course, but in some spaces, this look will work very well.

Get a little decorative with your recessed areas

A growing kitchen design trend for those who are undertaking a smaller renovation includes open shelving within the kitchen where you can display decor, cookbooks, greenery and more. Add a recessed area to your kitchen island on the outer or side panel to make a feature display. You can also achieve this look by removing doors from upper cabinets to create a new display nook or add floating shelves on a blank wall.

This ticks two boxes; one it creates more storage space, and two it allows you to personalise your space, show your interests and create a feature element in your kitchen!

Splashback windows kitchen cabinets

We have mentioned this kitchen design trend before because we absolutely love it, even though it isn’t going to work for those who do not have an external wall to play with. If possible, however, you will not regret creating a window as a kitchen splashback.

This is as simple as installing a splashback made from glass that looks outside to let light flood into the kitchen. This is a very easy way to create a sense of grandeur while linking the indoors and out. If you are considering this, you can still have cabinetry above the splashback to maintain storage as well.

Thick or thin countertops

Opt for either very thin or ultra-thick slabs for your countertops – avoid the in-between. You can also get a little experimental with the thickness of your benchtop profiles. For example, use an 80mm slab of marble for your kitchen island and offset this with a thinner 60mm countertop somewhere else.

Just keep in mind that those opting for an ultra-thin profile will want to carry it across every surface to ensure the best look.

Speak with the kitchen cabinet maker Melbourne trusts for a range of new style ideas

We understand the pressure many homeowners feel to make the right decisions when it comes to their kitchen cabinets. You not only want something that looks good, but you’ll want it to be functional and stand the test of time. This is where the kitchen cabinet maker experts at H&H Cabinets can help!

You can look through our stunning portfolio for a good idea of how we can help you not only get the most out of your space but find a stylish solution that you’ll adore. We work especially well with small kitchen renovations in Melbourne, helping you to make the most out of every inch. This means excellent storage and room to perform the tasks required in a kitchen without sacrificing a modern, luxurious aesthetic.

Speak to one of our expert kitchen cabinet makers today about your needs and book a time to visit our showroom for a first-hand look at our materials. Your dream kitchen is very achievable with help from the experienced team at H&H Cabinets. Let’s get started today.

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