Benefits of Home Custom Kitchen Cabinets

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Benefits of Home Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Do you ever wonder why there is a sense of prestige with the idea of something being custom-made? Such as the custom-made cabinet? Sure, it sounds a bit fancy, but that aside there are some significant benefits to custom design and installation from a professional kitchen cabinet maker in Melbourne that make the endeavour well worth it.

From personalisation to a longer shelf life (pun intended) and more, custom kitchen cabinets are well worth the extra cost when compared with stock cabinets. Read on to see why the additional expense early on will provide significant returns down the track.

Why choose a custom kitchen cabinet over a stock cabinet?

The first point to consider about custom cabinetry is that it is often built on-site. This opposite to stock cabinets which are constructed ahead of time.

There is an important distinction that needs to be made here, as the custom is often considered better. But this is not necessarily down to quality. The quality depends on materials, installation and a range of other factors. 

The argument for why custom is better can be formed by the fact that your cabinets are built to meet your specifications. They will suit the space, function in your preferred way and be completely original and unique.  

Stock cabinets are built based on standard cabinet sizes. They are a quicker and cheaper element to purchase, but whether or not they suit your space comes down to luck.

The benefits of custom kitchen cabinets

Custom cabinets should be built to fit your lifestyle, based solely around how you will use them. They consider your design preferences, cooking habits, requirements for storage and the exact shape of your kitchen. They are made entirely for you, as opposed to the ‘average’ person that stock cabinets are created for.

This gives you the ability to have innovative storage and greater use of space, particularly beneficial if your kitchen is an odd shape, or abnormally sized (either small or large).

Peace of mind

If you are undergoing a kitchen remodel, the last thing you want to deal with is the arrival of stock kitchen cabinets which end up not entirely fitting the space. This not only wastes time and money but adds unnecessary extra stress to your project.

Custom cabinets are built to fit your specific measurements, so you know what you have ordered and paid for will not cause any issues or set-back your timelines.

Complete choice of materials

You likely have a design theme in mind, so avoid the tireless search of finding stock cabinets that will suit. Custom kitchen cabinets are completely customisable when it comes to choosing the materials that will form them. This means you have complete control over the type of wood, style and finish as well as the hardware.

Opting for stock cabinets means your options are limited, meaning you may have to sacrifice a particular style or look, diluting the efforts of a remodel.

Your kitchen is a representation of you, so you don’t want to have to compromise on the features purely based on availability.

Maximising your storage space

Avoid the biggest mistake made by most kitchens which are having less cabinetry than they have room for. As stock cabinets are made in specific sizes, there are often blank spaces left over which could be used as extra storage. This is particularly pertinent in small apartments where space is hard to come by and all the more precious.

Custom cabinets can be extra tall if your space allows for it, or any other modifications that will utilise all of the areas. When you think about the expense of property, and how much value is given to space, the extra cost of custom cabinetry to gain extra space is well worth it. Avoid those snug spaces becoming space and gain an extra spice rack or cutlery cabinet.

This can also be incredibly helpful based on your size! If you are 5’2 or 7’2, there will be significantly different needs for your kitchen. Custom cabinets help your kitchen work for you, so take the step-ladder budget away and add it to the custom cabinets one.

Attention to detail

The higher quality craft that comes with properly built and installed custom cabinets means you often see exquisite work. The made-by-hand cabinets you order will last longer than stock cabinets built-in bulk on assembly lines. You see intricate joints, dowels and other features, all of which will increase the value of your home.

An eco-friendly process

Are you trying to make your build or remodel as green as possible? The purchase of stock products offers no information about where materials were sourced or their ecological footprint. Custom cabinets, on the other hand, allow you to pick eco-friendly or recycled materials. 

Convinced that custom is the way to go?

If the sound of a custom kitchen is a dream for you, make it a reality and call H&H Cabinets today. We work closely with you to ensure your budget stays intact.

We are a professional cabinet maker in Melbourne with a stunning portfolio of designed and installed kitchens which suit all sizes and budgets. If you are currently building or remodelling, have a chat to us, and learn the true capability of your space. 

Let us share our creative ideas and avoid any costly or time-consuming potential problems in the process. From specific materials to lighting, placement and more, we’re with you every step of the way. We have a range of helpful information that will make the process easy, speak to the experts at H&H Cabinets today!

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