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Modern Kitchen Design from Kitchen Designers

Are you looking for kitchen designers to take on large or small kitchen renovations in Melbourne? If so, it is helpful to know the modern kitchen designs available and the trending kitchen styles. You could always go it alone and have a professional cabinet maker produce a kitchen of your own creation; however, it does not hurt to take inspiration from qualified kitchen designers.

Or better still, you could use the services of H&H Cabinets, the best kitchen designer in Melbourne.

Whichever way you go about creating your dream kitchen design, it is recommended to do some research beforehand to ensure you skip any avoidable mistakes. Here are some tips for a modern kitchen design from kitchen designers that will help you fine-tune your kitchen design concept.

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If you want a modern kitchen, talk to our kitchen designer

If you want the dream modern kitchen that is both beautiful and functional, you need to invest time and money in your design. Kitchen designers are well worth their price tag considering the countless hours per week spent in the kitchen and its benefits to a lifestyle.

A professional kitchen designer has first-hand knowledge of the kitchen styles that suit your vision and the latest modern trends. They also have the experience to make any design concept fit the needed space, from spacious kitchen upgrades to small kitchen renovations in Melbourne.

So if you want a fabulous modern kitchen, remember it’s all in the design.

Don’t compromise on storage spaces

If you want a modern and upgraded kitchen, it is fair to say that aesthetics and appeal is your number one priority; however, that should not lead to compromised storage spaces. If anything, competent kitchen designers should have the creativity to incorporate numerous storage spaces to complement the chosen modern kitchen design.

There are endless storage options, and a quality modern kitchen designer will use a wide range of them to ensure the space is flexible and functional. Wide-open shelving can provide excellent display opportunities and offers easy access to frequently used items. At the same time, big deep draws are perfect for storing bulky pots and pans and the ever-irritating Tupperware containers.

Then just add things like hidden draws, island cabinets, suspended hooks and magnetic bars, and you will never be short of storage space to keep your kitchen neat and tidy ever again.

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Striking the perfect balance to reach full kitchen potential

There is one thing knowing what kitchen styles you would like in your kitchen, and it’s important to have a clear idea of things like tile shape, splashback colour, benchtop material and lighting fittings you want to use. However, if they do not come together to deliver a glamorous and cohesive space, then your kitchen renovation will not reach its potential.

Kitchen designers have the qualifications and capabilities to strike the perfect balance between tones, materials and function to create the dream modern kitchen design time and time again. They know the different kitchen styles, such as combining timber and brass for a more natural aesthetic or utilising stainless steel with dark tones for a more polished and sophisticated look.

Sure, you can use all the ingredients you want in your kitchen; however, kitchen designers in Melbourne can bring them all together, striking the perfect balance to reach full kitchen potential.

Flexible lighting for your optimum modern kitchen design

The modern kitchen is more than just a space to cook; it is a place to gather, work, converse, and enjoy a coffee with a friend. With that being said, the lighting in the space should be flexible to suit the various activities that happen daily within the kitchen, with kitchen designers in Melbourne adding numerous lighting options in all modern kitchen designs.

Task lighting in the form of downlights and spotlights are essential in any kitchen to help with food prep and cooking, while ambient lighting displays your kitchen masterpiece when not fully used. On the other hand, decorative lighting is becoming a common kitchen feature with a low hanging pendant or contemporary fitting the modern touch needed above a beautiful kitchen island.

Choosing the lighting mix is a must for Melbourne’s big and small kitchen renovations and kitchen designers will ensure flexible lighting for your optimum modern kitchen design.

Tiles are the best friend of kitchen designers in Melbourne

While tile trends come and go in other home spaces, they certainly do not in a kitchen as tiles are as prominent in modern kitchens as they are in traditional designs. The tile versatility makes them too hard to look past with their ability to adapt to all kitchen styles and spaces.

No matter whether you have a big or small kitchen renovation in Melbourne on the go,  the countless tile colours, patterns, shapes, and textures on offer are incredible. It is impossible not to find the perfect tile for the kitchen styles you wish to introduce. And better still, in a space where splashbacks, benches and floors are often covered with food mess, tiles are super easy to keep clean.

It’s fair to say with their ability to suit all kitchen designs, variety to satisfy client taste and the ease of cleaning; tiles are the best friend of kitchen designers in Melbourne.

Talk to the best kitchen designers in Melbourne

Understandably, a kitchen renovation is an exciting yet daunting experience for most people with many kitchen designs to consider and important decisions to make. However, there is no reason to do it alone with the best kitchen designers in Melbourne here to help you design the optimum modern kitchen for your home.

Contact H&H Cabinets today to talk to the best kitchen designers in Melbourne and let us make your dream kitchen come true.

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