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How To Make My Small Kitchen Beautiful?

Our homes, units and apartments are getting smaller. It’s now time to talk with professional kitchen designers Modern life leaves many people time-poor, and smaller spaces and outdoor areas are often easier to maintain and organise.

By default, our kitchens are also significantly reducing in size, leaving homeowners feeling as though their kitchen renovation options are limited. However, you may be surprised at how many small and affordable changes you can make to have a beautiful kitchen.

Below we will look at some kitchen designers’ tips and tricks for small kitchen renovations and learn why H&H Cabinets are industry leaders for small kitchen renovations in Melbourne.

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kitchen designers’ tips and tricks

Portable small kitchen islands

A perfect way to add a bit of extra charm and utility to your small kitchen is to add a portable island or cart to your kitchen space.

Not only can an island on caster wheels give you more storage space, but it can also provide more prep space in your kitchen by adding a stone or wooden cutting board to the top. A portable kitchen island also gives your kitchen a modular feel and can double as a trolley to wheel meals out to family and guests.

A professional kitchen renovation designer can provide a custom portable kitchen island solution for your small kitchen, tailoring it to your needs and matching your current or future kitchen styles.

The kitchen designers at H&H Cabinets are experts in optimising your small kitchen space. They can help you isolate and address your current kitchen needs from a brief conversation over the phone or via email.

Replace your overhead cabinets with shelves

Do you find your overhead cabinet space is underutilised? Often, overhead cupboards collect items that rarely or never get used.

Consider removing your overhead cupboards and replacing them with shelves. This way, you can reduce your clutter and have everything you need to cook and eat visible and accessible.

You’d be surprised how good a few glass jars and some stylised storage containers can look filled with your herbs, spices and other staples. You can also place hooks and hanging systems under your lower shelves to suspend pots, pans and utensils.

A lovely vintage or customised step can make the shelves more accessible and add to your kitchen’s charm.

Feature cookware, crockery and utensils

If you have a penchant for colourful or decorated glasses, cups, utensils, crockery or cookware, then don’t hide them away; display them!

These colours and patterns were designed to be seen, and there are many ways to incorporate them into your kitchen design to add contrasting shapes and colours to your space.

You can do this by utilising open shelves, hanging systems, or magnetic strips for displaying matching sharps and utensils while freeing up draw space and providing easy access to your cookware.

Use light colours

When picking a colour scheme for your small kitchen, you may find that using whites and lighter colours makes your kitchen space feel more open and spacious. Light colours can also highlight features like the aforementioned stylised cookware and storage jars and containers and highlight darker benchtops or wooden floors.

Add plant life

Adding some simple plant life to your kitchen can add more colour and texture to your small kitchen aesthetic.

However, it is essential to pay attention to the amount of natural light that reaches your kitchen and ensure that you select suitable plants for those conditions.

Another way to add plant-based colour to your kitchen is by adding a fruit and vegetable bowl or hanging baskets. Some red apples, yellow bananas and other colourful fruit that doesn’t require cold storage can add some natural contrast if surrounded by plain light or dark colour schemes.

Displaying fruit and veg is also an excellent way to remind yourself to eat more fruit and veg, rather than forgetting about it and going off in your pantry or refrigerator.

Window sill herb gardens are also a great way to add natural colour while providing edible, healthy foliage to your small kitchen.

Install a pegboard

If you like to change their interior design like the wind, pegboards are a fantastic way to add modular storage that can adapt to your changing tastes. Pegboards are inexpensive, can be left as raw or varnished timber, or painted in an afternoon to match your existing colour scheme.

You can use wooden pegs to hang cups or utensils, or you can sit on small shelves on the pegs to display plants and flowers, sentimental display items, or store herbs and spices for easy access.

Install smart cabinet storage systems

Sometimes all a small kitchen needs to look its best is less clutter and better use of its storage spaces.

In recent times there has been a wide range of pull-down and slide out cabinet storage systems that optimise your storage space and provide more accessibility. These systems can make your overhead and corner cabinets more user friendly and help you remove clutter from benchtops and the tops of appliances like refrigerators and microwaves.

H&H Cabinets can show you all the latest in new wave kitchen storage solutions and help you maximise your kitchen storage and tailor your kitchen to meet your unique requirements.

Feature splashback

A splashback is often a prominent feature of your small kitchen. While complete kitchen renovations may be out of budget, installing a new feature splashback can be an easy and affordable way to alter your kitchen aesthetic significantly.

Examples of splashback ideas that you could implement include:

  • Coloured or patterned glass
  • Patterned tiles
  • Stainless steel for contrast
  • Polished concrete tile panel and much more

A quick internet search can provide endless design ideas that you can then discuss with professional kitchen designers or tackle as a DIY project with some help from online tutorials and blogs.

Kitchen designers in Melbourne

H&H Cabinets are award-winning kitchen designers who specialise in small kitchen renovations in Melbourne. Our experienced and talented kitchen renovation designers and cabinet makers are at the forefront of modern kitchen innovations. They can help you design and create your dream kitchen while optimising your storage space and maximising the use of your kitchen utilities.

For more information about small kitchen renovations, please send your inquiry via our online contact form, or call 03 9808 4200

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