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Kitchen Renovation: Reface or Replace Cabinets?

When it comes time for a kitchen renovation, one of your biggest considerations is likely the kitchen cabinets. After all, they often take the biggest beating in daily kitchen use, so they are likely scratched and in need of some TLC.

As the premier kitchen designers in Melbourne, the H&H Cabinet Maker team has come across this query a lot. Cabinet replacement is a key way to significantly change your kitchen’s aesthetic, but do you opt for refacing or replacement? Both are equally viable options when it comes to small kitchen renovations in Melbourne, so let’s delve into which may be best for you.

What is cabinet refacing in a kitchen renovation?

Cabinet refacing is a relatively new approach that is close to replacement, but not quite it. The main difference between refacing and replacing is that refaced cabinets look new but are secretly not (shhh).

Cabinet refacing includes two major sections:

  1. The installation of new drawer fronts and doors
  2. A veneering of the box that forms the cabinet

In some cases, new hardware may also be installed or a broken drawer can be replaced. The primary reason why people opt to go this route is that refacing can often be roughly 40 to 50-percent cheaper than cabinet replacement. it should be noted, however, that your cabinet boxes do need to be in good shape to ensure that refacing is even possible.

What is cabinet replacement?

This is a slightly bigger job in which existing cabinets are removed by experienced installers who will essentially re-do your cabinetry. This often includes setting and precisely levelling your base cabinets to ensure everything in your kitchen is level.

If things are not level, counters can crack over time, doors may not shut properly, and a host of other issues could arise. Cabinet replacement is sometimes the only option if your cabinets aren’t in great shape. After all, why put a band-aid on top of an issue that will continue to cause problems?

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Is do-it-yourself installation an option?

If you are considering just cabinet refacing, you may be able to find some companies that sell refacing materials, but you will also need to source the equipment to perform the task, which is often a little more involved than the standard toolbox inclusions. There are also some specific techniques required that may go over and above those held by amateur DIYers.

As cabinet replacement is more involved and requires tasks like the heavy lifting of wall cabinets, precise levelling of base cabinets and in most cases, a full redesign, it is a good idea to leave it to the professionals. While you can save money by doing it yourself, you will not save time, nor will you have the peace of mind in knowing the job has been done correctly.

The benefits of professional installation

It can be hard to find companies who reface cabinets in Melbourne, as most will prefer to replace the cabinets to ensure a thorough and professional job. A general carpenter or handyman service will not provide this service as it requires some specific skills.

On the other hand, there is no shortage of companies who will fully replace your cabinets. The cost of this can vary based on the specifics required for your kitchen and whether you use contractor-grade, budget cabinets or something a little more premium.

By handing the task over to professional kitchen designers in Melbourne, you can be sure everything will be done correctly, and the results will be something you can rely on for many years. It is also important to consider how much of your own time will be saved with the professionals taking charge.

Your kitchen will be out of action while the renovation happens, and whether this is days or weeks can be the difference between professional and DIY work.

Refacing or replacing?

In conclusion, if your cabinet boxes are in solid shape and cost is an issue, you may want to keep your current kitchen layout and opt for refacing. Alternatively, if you are constructing a new house or creating a new kitchen layout, and especially if your boxes, drawers, or doors are in rough shape, replacement is the way to go.

While the budget does play a role in your decision, it is important to keep in mind how often you want to go to the trouble of a renovation or upgrade. We always recommend that our clients do things the right way the first time, so they won’t have to worry about further changes or costs down the track. If you are already considering work in the kitchen, use this as an opportunity to get your cabinets replaced and upgraded, and avoid any issues later on.

The kitchen renovation designers in Melbourne who can help

The simplest solution to your cabinet needs is to work with the experts in Melbourne who are responsible for a host of successful kitchen renovations; H&H Cabinets. We can walk you through a range of kitchen styles, from layouts to material choices, to ensure you find the best look for your needs.

When you let a professional and experienced team like ours handle your project, you see the benefit of a wealth of experience. This can result in extra storage space, design ideas that you had not considered and above all, quality work that you can rely on and enjoy for years to come.

Book a consultation to visit our showroom today. Our team will walk you through the available cabinet options and discuss your plans with you to determine the best way of completing your renovation to match your budget. Your cabinets play an important role in the look and feel of your kitchen and home; let the experts help you make the right choices today.

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