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What is the Most Costly Part of a Kitchen Remodel?

Kitchen remodel is vital in order to keep updated on your growing family need. A kitchen is the central hub of most family homes and shared residences. It is one of the first places most of us will go when we wake in the morning before school or work for that cup of joe and our favourite breakfast.

What Causes Kitchen Remodel?

These daily activities could make the kitchen the hardest working room in your home, and wear and tear are bound to happen over years of everyday use. Though most kitchens are made as resistant to moisture, oils and general kitchen activity as possible, these elements penetrate and degrade benchtops, cupboard doors, and other structures over time.

Kitchen styles and decor trends also change with the times and the needs of a household kitchen as households and families grow and change and as people age.

With proper care, laminate and chipboard kitchen cabinets could last anywhere between 10 to 15-years, even longer with solid timber cabinetry and quality hinges, handles and components.

But how much do kitchen design and kitchen renovations cost? Read on to learn more.

How much do kitchen renovations cost?

Kitchen design and kitchen renovations or kitchen remodel can vary in price significantly as there are many variables to consider, like building materials, fixtures and utilities.

Different elements of a kitchen that need to be considered include:

  • Cabinet construction materials
  • Cabinet doors
  • Cabinet components
  • Benchtops and Splashbacks
  • Range hoods and extractor fans
  • Taps, faucets and sinks
  • Dishwashers
  • Cooktops and ovens
  • Food disposals
  • Tiles, flooring and more

The aesthetics, functions, materials, and quality of all these components can significantly impact your kitchen’s cost, and individual budgets will no doubt play a significant part in what type of kitchen is agreed upon.

The Average Cost of Kitchen Remodel

On average, a kitchen remodel or renovations ranges between approximately $15,000 to $50,000, depending on the kitchen’s size and the type of utilities available at the property, but this is just a general rule; the sky’s the limit.

The kitchen industry is also heavily influenced by brands, and everyone has a different idea of what a good or bad brand is. People who do not pay much attention to branding may find they are happier with more generic kitchenware, while others will want to ensure their kitchen is equipped with the biggest and best on the market.

But what is the most expensive part of a kitchen remodels? And how much will it cost?

The most expensive kitchen components

You would be forgiven for assuming that your most expensive kitchen renovation costs would be in white goods, fixtures and cooking utilities. However, you may be shocked to know that it is your cabinetry that will be taking the most significant chunk out of your kitchen design budget.

With quality cabinetry, ‘more than meets the eye’ is the perfect adage to describe the extenuating costs.; like many things, it is what you can’t see that drives your price higher.

Kitchen cabinets are more than just storage utilities; they make up the structural framework that gives your kitchen durability and strength.

The cross members, uprights and fastening points require a lot of fabrication and materials, and things like pot and pan drawers need heavy-duty runners to be able to take the weight of your heavy cookware.

Labour is another factor in the cost of your kitchen cabinets. Quality trade work takes time, and making cabinets requires expensive equipment, even before the cabinetries components are bought onsite for installation.

Examples of some of the expensive machinery used to fabricate Laminated MDF, chipboard or timber cabinet components include:

  • Beam saws
  • Bedding machines
  • Routers
  • Edging machines
  • Drills
  • Chemicals and more

The costs of hiring trained and experienced staff who are specialised in the various machinery and tool work can be significant. It is sometimes easy to forget how much professional trade work goes into cabinetry before installation. Continue reading to find out more about other significant expenses in kitchen design and kitchen renovation.

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Other significant kitchens remodel costings

If you guessed kitchen appliances as the next biggest expense, then you were on the mark. Kitchen appliances vary dramatically in size, capacity, functions and features.

Even on the budget end of kitchen appliances, a complete appliance makeover can cost you upwards of $7,000 to $10,000, and that’s without looking at your higher-end brands.

Examples of appliances that may be up for consideration include:

  • Single or double refrigerators
  • Deep freezers
  • Rangewoods
  • Single or double oven units
  • Electric, halogen, gas or induction cooktops
  • Dishwashers and garbage disposals
  • Water filters
  • Lighting and more

Each of these components can vary significantly in cost and will again be regulated by your personal budget.

Benchtops come in as your third most considerable kitchen remodel expense, which is another component that can be greatly affected by several factors, including style, fabrication materials and labour costs.

Examples of various types of benchtops that may affect the overall price of your workspaces include:

  • Laminate tops
  • Textures and finishes
  • Fabricated or natural stone
  • Timber benchtops and more

The number of cuts, angles and joins can also significantly affect the cost of your benchtops.

Once these components have been agreed upon, there is also the other fixtures such as:

  • Hinge types
  • Door and drawer handles or knobs
  • Light fittings
  • Powerpoints
  • Gas connections and more

Kitchen Cabinet makers and installers generally require assistance from other trades, such as plumbers, gas fitters, electricians and carpenters, to finish all elements of a kitchen renovation, which also needs to be considered when budgeting for a kitchen rebuild.

Speak to H&H Kitchen designers Melbourne today

The team here at H&H Cabinets have celebrated kitchen designers in Melbourne, Australia. We have decades of combined experience and settle for nothing but excellence in our trade.

We can help you choose the best kitchen styles and help you build your dream kitchen within your allocated budget.

Our accomplished trade professionals can also help you with any other type of cabinetry, including systems like:

  • Bathrooms and laundry cabinets
  • Entertainment systems
  • Linen closets
  • Home offices
  • Built-in and walk-in wardrobes
  • Living rooms
  • Storage solutions and more

No matter if you want to build the kitchen of your dreams or simply require small kitchen renovations, Melbourne, our expert staff, is on call and online to assist you in your project. For more information about our diverse range of cabinetry services and solutions, contact our friendly team today via phone or email.

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